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In 2003, Kai Xin photoelectric pregnant and born. Kai Xin after more than ten years of development, from small to big, from weak to strong, from strong to fine. As the photoelectric person, I and my colleagues always believe in the "honesty, innovation, the pursuit of excellence" business spirit. We deeply understand that: an enterprise only good faith to survive, only innovation can continue to develop, only in the process of continuous pursuit of excellence in order to achieve enterprise value, create brilliant. In this spirit of constant encouragement, Kay Xin photoelectric competition in the market is not only a firm foothold, but also in December 2015 the successful landing of three new board for the company's rapid development ushered in a new opportunity! We will as in the past, down-to-earth to product exquisite processing technology, standardized management to provide customers with better service, only in this way can we realize the brand, truly enterprise better and stronger! The development of Kaixin photoelectric thanks to our customers and the community's concern and support, it is this concern and support, has become the motive force of the development of Kaixin photoelectric unremitting self-improvement and enterprising.

Kay Xin photoelectric is a learning, innovative, growth oriented enterprises, she is pursuing a sustained, healthy growth. In our study, we continue to innovate, and strive to improve the company's ability to resist risks, financing capacity and capital return. Through innovative enterprises at home and abroad experience adhere to management innovation, system innovation and technological innovation, promote the development of enterprises through technological innovation, through the management innovation to improve the efficiency of enterprises, through institutional innovation to achieve international standards.

Here I sincerely hope that the majority of investors, the majority of technology, business partners and friends from all walks of life at home and abroad to pay attention to, to help and support the development of kay. I firmly believe that in the joint efforts of everyone, Kai Xin photoelectric industry will become a pioneer and innovator.

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Nanyang KaiXin Optical & Electronic Co.,Ltd is located in the historic city of Henan city in Nanyang province; she is a long history, science and technology, management innovation, optical element component processing enterprises. Four industrial sectors have been formed: first, the projector part of the product, the product is mainly covered with heat sink, heat insulation board, coated plate, split prism, shaped flat mirror, spherical mirror, and so on...

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